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W​e specialize in custom deer, elk and kangaroo braided ​​​​ products. Hand-cut and braided by us from the best quality hides.

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Welcome to Davie Leather and Braid!!

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We have a large assortment of ready to ship premade items so if you are looking for something please give a call!

Bo and Tammy Davie
575-773-4695 or 575-418-7319
HC 60 Box 509
Quemado, NM 87829
Ordering Info
Custom braiding available with anything we make. Just let us know!
Deer leather makes a supple and strong braid that feels good and wears well.​

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The Braiding of leather and rawhide is truly an ancient art

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​​History from around the world and
a traditional cowboy pass-time.

Follow the path of the Turk's Head Knot and you can travel back in time.  Long before GPS, the Turk's Head Knot was used by ancient sailors to mark their ships wheel.

Centuries of knot and braid patterns have been passed down thru the generations. Seamen traveled port to port around the world and ​​​​the magic of the Turk's Head Knot circled the globe. 
In perfect symmetry the end always weaves itself back to the beginning.

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​​Interested in more braid and knot info?    Visit our braid guide

 Welcome to the softer side of Leather...
 USA Deer and Elk Leathers!! ​​​

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  3. Double Wrap Hatband
  4. Hat band Lasso Style
  5. Rawhide Knot Collection
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  7. Herringbone pineapple knot
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  9. Crocodile ridge braid
  10. Stampede String Chin Strap
  11. Double wrap bracelet
  12. Herringbone pineapple knot
  13. Cream deer leather chin strap
  14. Herringbone Ridge Bracelet
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  16. Loop Stampede String
  17. Horse hair tassels
  18. Braiding around a core
  19. Leather herringbone ridge bracelet
  20. Deer leather hat band
  21. Gaucho Knot Slide
  22. Turquoise in deer leather braid

  We use select USA deer and elk leather that is hand cut and brai​ded by us and make sure every order sent out is the best it can be. ​​​​​

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​​We can be found in
Western New Mexico
at these establishments: 

The Country Store
Quemado, New Mexico

Rito  Convenience Store
Quemado, New Mexico

Black Gold Emporium 
Reserve, New Mexico

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