These are just a few of the many different styles of braids, knots and
combination of colors that can be chosen for your own unique hat band.
Anything on the hatbands can be custom
  All are adjustable
Hatband #503  Single pass Deer Leather 4 thong round braid w/ 6 bight Rawhide Gaucho knot and Turk's head terminal knots.  
Leather Tassels $58.00 Horse Hair $68.00
Deer Leather Hat Band #102
Deer Leather Hat Band #101
Hatband #501.  Deer Leather 5-Thong centered flat braid has Gaucho or  herringbone slide knot and 6 bight Turk's head knots  $68.00
Hatband#502. Deer Leather herringbone ridge braid with cowboy slide knot and 6 bight Turks head knot   
Leather Tassels $68.00     Horse Hair Tassel $78.00
Hatband #504 Double pass Deer Leather 4 thong round braid with pineapple knots.
  Leather Tassels $78.00     Horse Hair Tassels $88.00
Elk Leather Hat Band
Elk Leather Round Braid
Hat Band
Elk Leather Braid
Elk Leather Hat Band
Elk Hatband #505  Elk Leather round braid with a deer rawhide Gaucho or herringbone interweaves. Thicker than deer leather but just as soft and pliable. Custom/ Made to Order  $62.00
Deer Leather Colors
Deer Leather Colors:
Gaucho Knot on Elk hatband
Gaucho knot
Fully adjustable band measures about 30" around and the braiding is about 3/8 to 1/2" diameter.. Any custom length is available
Hatband #104
Hatband #104
Hatband #104
hatband #104
Hatband #103
Deer Leather Hatband w/ Gaucho Knot
Deer Leather Hatband 103
Deer leather hat band #103
Deer Leather Hatband #103
Hatband 104 w/ horse hair
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Davie Leather & Braid
The hat bands on this page are made to order with your choice of leather, colors, knots and horse hair or leather tassels.  We will give you an estimated time for completion or for pre-made ready to ship see our in-stock page
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