Deer Leather Key Fobs
Fancy Knots Leather Key Chain
Super soft deer leather braided key fob with herringbone or Gaucho knots. Any colors or length up to 10"  Made to Order  #101 
 With 1 knot...      $42.00
With 2 Knots...     $52.00
Hardy Elk Leather Key Fobs 
Elk Leather is a manly type leather - hardy, thick and strong but as soft as deer. Plaited onto Dee ring.
  Choice of fringe or sleek style About 6"
 Hardy Elk Leather Key Fob #102   $26.00
Elk Leather Colors
Elk Leather Colors:
Deer Leather Colors:
Hand cut and braided by us in Western New Mexico USA
Soft Deer and Elk leathers
Ultimate Fringe Key Fobs 
Super soft deer leather fringe fobs are plaited onto a Dee ring with extra fringe added. Feels like velvet. Average length is about 8" including tassels.Any color combination Deer Leather Fringe Fob #105  $26.00
 USA Made
 Key Rings
Elk Leather Key Fobs
Cream, Black, Tan, Russet, Buckskin, Brown
 From a  Customer who wanted to replace his treasured 41 year old key chain. We think this will live up to the test for another 40 years. Tough oil-tan leather. 
Choice of Concho.  Loop 5" Forty Year Fob  $44.00
Any Color Combination
Any Choice of Key and Dee Rings
Any Length up to 10"
Deer Leather Buckskin and Cream colors
Herringbone Interweave
Elk Leather Key Fobs
Deer Leather Key Fob
 by us in
 to last! 
Questions? Call 575-773-4695 
Braided onto Dee Rings
Shows thick strapping type tassels
Russet and tan combo
Leather and Braid
Elk Leather and Antler
Key Fob #104
Pineapple and Spanish ring knots
Elk Leathers
Pineapple Tassel Fobs
Loop Style Fobs
Pineapple Knot
Buffalo Concho on 
Elk Leather
US Standing Liberty Quarter Reverse Side Concho 
Very nice reproduction made into a screw back concho.
The Buffalo Nickel
Indian Head Nickel
USA Elk Leather & Coin Key Fobs
Premium USA elk leather, herringbone pattern with USA screw backed coins $32.00
Please allow 2 weeks for products with conchos
USA Deer and Elk Leathers Tanned in the USA
Tassels Can be cut any length
Forty Year Fob
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In-Stock Products
Coin Concho Choice 
Eagle Coin
Buffalo Nickel
 Indian Nickel
US Standing Liberty Quarter Reverse Side Concho 
Very nice reproduction made into a screw back concho.
Herringbone braid of 8 strands with a basketweave knot.
Brown, black, cream and tan.
Braided around a strong core about 5".
Chocolate brown
Leather Loop Key Chain
Deer leather braided key fob with an 8 strand herringbone weave around a strong core and braided onto stainless steel D ring  About 5" Key Fob Loop #103  $42.00
Questions? Call 575-773-4695 
Stampede Strings
side braid heading
The Leather & Braid Store
We specialize in custom braided leather products - hand cut and braided by us
from the best quality hides 
Made in the USA
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In-Stock Products
Herringbone Key Fob
Key Fob #101
Keyfob #102
We believe in making the best made leather goods that will last the test of time. 
We have replaced many very special 20 to 40 year key fobs. When you carry something for 20 years it becomes special - with leathers that just get better with age and have a story to tell... We strive for that 40 year quality.

 Please allow about 1 week for new key chain orders.
These can at times be rushed if you need it sooner... Questions?  Call 575-773-4695
Keyfob #105
Elk Leather & Concho
Forty Year Fob
Thank-you so much for the visit! 
Take Care!!
Davie Leather and Braid
Address: HC 60 Box 509 Quemado, NM 87829 USA  Phone: 575-773-4695
Keep your hat on!
We try to make the most durable and best product that we can.  Always.
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Mini Leather Key Fob
The real and classic nickel made into a screw back concho.
Coin Choices: Buffalo nickel, Eagle quarter, Indian Head nickel
Loop of about 5".
Back showing chicago screw.
US Standing Liberty Quarter Reverse Side Concho w/ Flying Eagle
Very nice reproduction made into a screw back concho.
US Buffalo Nickel
US Indian Head Nickel
Hand made classic duo made to last.
Small enough to fit in your pocket.
Hefty Dee ring and heavy guage key ring.
Deer leather soft loop braided around a strong core with herringbone kangaroo knot.
Sometimes less is more... This 3" loop key fob is made to fit in your pocket .  Deer leather loop and kangaroo herringbone knot.  In Stock with black.  Custom colors available.
About 3" w/ Dee ring.  Mini Key Fob $38.00
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Elk Leather plaited onto a Dee/Key ring with an elk antler button terminal.  Average length is about 6"  including the tassels. Made to Order.
 Elk Leather/Antler #102  $38.00
Elk Antler & Leather Key Fobs 
Elk Antler from dropped sheds
Braided onto Dee rings
Antler buttons will vary slightly
Elk Anter Button Fob
Elk Antler Button Key Fob
Color/Size Choices
Tammy, Yukon and Bobbi
Bo and Tammy Davie
Mini Key Fob