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Rawhide Cream
Ray Holes Leather
Care Products.
We believe these are  the best leather conditioners you can buy. Made in Idaho, USA
A light non-greasy dressing for the up-keep of rawhide and any type of  leather.
Great on deer and elk leathers. 
We can be found in
Western New Mexico, USA

And at These Establishments:

The Country Store
Quemado, New Mexico

Rito Convenience Store
Quemado, New Mexico

The Black Gold Emporium
Reserve, New Mexico
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Knot String
Hat Bands
Eye Glass Strings
Stampede Strings
Braided Reins
And a traditional Cowboy pass-time.
The Braiding of leather and rawhide is truly an ancient art...
Gaucho Knot
Pineapple Knot
History from around the world.
Reviews and feed back messages:

The stampede strings arrived and I love them! I make a conscious effort to buy things made in the good old USA and it's even nicer when I can give my business to folks like you who handcraft their wares. You can bet you will hear from me again....I have another hat that needs stampede strings too! So, until then take care and thanks! Sincerely, Lisa

It arrived today! It is sooo beautiful. Thank you so much. I've already put all my keys on the new one and am using it. I love it. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly. I am showing it to all my friends and family and letting them know where I got it from. ;-) Thanks again, Marybeth

got it today and it is absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you verymuch.

I've received the stampede strings and they are absolutely perfect!  They are EXACTLY what I was looking for and I am very, very happy with them.  A gift from my husband, so we're both happy!  Thanks so much for the great job.

Just received the second set and they are beautiful!!!  The color is absolutely perfect and I can't believe how soft the deer skin braid work is.
Elk Antler Products
Custom Braiding
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Turk's Head Knots... With Gaucho and Herringbone Interweaves
We buy USA
Deer and Elk Leather tanned in the USA. Our favorite braiding leather!!
See Christy's Wild and Western at Zazzle
Key Fobs
  Wild and Western at Zazzle.com
Sample Rawhide Cream
Add-on a Sample Packet with your order.  $3.50
Orders over $50.00 Included.
Bo and Tammy Davie
Tammy, Yukon and Bobbi
We are partnering up with
Christy Cogsdill of Wild and Western!

See her beautiful wildlife photos on Zazzle
made into over 200 different products!
Welcome to the softer side of Leather... USA Deer and Elk Leathers!! 
We try to make the best quality product as possible and that begins with the best supplies.
We try to buy USA products  when ever we can.. These are a few of our favorites!
Braided Hatbands
Braided Hatbands
Kick'n Ass
Christy Cogsdill at Zazzle
       Deer Leather                                                    Elk Leather                                        Kangaroo Leather
  The softest of the soft                                           As soft as deer                                      For the strongest
  and super strong too                                            and much thicker.                               and thinnest not as soft.
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Bo and the Team
Woo Hoo!!
Leather and Braid
Braided Key Fob
Braided Key Fob
Turquoise and  deer leather necklace
Braided bracelet
Key Fobs
Eye-Glass Strings
Antler Products
Hat Bands
Stampede Strings/Chin Straps
Gift Sets
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Turk's Head Knot
Cowboy Knot
Long Pineapple Knot in Deer Rawhide
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Stampede Strings
side braid heading
Davie Leather & Braid
We specialize in custom braided leather products - hand cut and braided by us
from the best quality hides
Made in the USA
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Braided Loop Key Fob
Welcome to Leather and Braid!!
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Hatband and Stampede Strings

Welcome to the softer side of Leather... USA Deer and Elk Leathers!! 
Chocolate Brown Stampede Strings w/ basketweave
Elk Leather Key Fob braided usings a parachute inner core.  D ring attachment and US made key ring.
Deer leather braided around an inner core of double strand parachute cord. Soft deer leather on the outside with a strong inner core.
Hatband and stampede string Combination in one witha sliding knot.