Knot Choices
Basketweave $44.00
Gaucho      $46.00
Herringbone  $49.00
Multi Color Pineapple $51.00
Horse Hair Tassels
Horse Hair TasselsHorse Hair TasselsHorse Hair Tassels
Horse Hair Tassels
Horse Hair Tassels
Horse Hair TasselsHorse Hair TasselsHorse Hair Tassels
Horse Hair Tassels
Stampede String #101 Deer leather braid attaches with a cotter pin
Horse Hair
Black, Cream and Light Sorrel
horse hair
Stampede Strings
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Stampede Strings, Chin Straps and Wind Strings... To keep your hat on!
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Custom Stampede StringsBlack and White Pineapple KnotCustom Length AvailableCream deer leather strings with horse hair tasselsRusset pineapple knot also called herringbone interweaveTurk's Head Knot in dark brown deer leatherDark brown stampede stringsBlack Pineapple KnotRusset deer leather stampede strings with horse hair tasselsAny custom color or lengthStampede Strings
Cotter PinsIt is important to go in-between the stitching without breaking the stitching threadShows the under-side of a hat with stampede strings
Tan deer leather stampede stringRusset Deer LeatherChocolate/Brown Stampede/HatbandBlack and tan pineapple slideTan deer leather and pineapple knotTan deer leather with a basketweave/ Turk's head knotTan deer leather with a basketweave/ Turk's head knotTanCreamCream and RussetBlack Herringbone/Pineapple Russet Herringbone/"Pineapple"CreamRusset deer leather stampede string w/ horse hairBuckskin w/ russet Gaucho knots and sorrel horse hairRusset and tan pineapple knotKeep your hat on!
Buckskin w/ russet Gaucho knots and sorrel horse hairTan deer leather with rawhide knotsBlack and white deer leather hatband and stampede stringsRusset and tan deer leather braid  and matching pineapple knot.Braiding around a core for strength and bulk.Cream hatband and matching stampede string with horse hair
Horse Hair Tassels
side braid heading
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In-Stock Products
Loop Stampede/ Hatband Loop Stampede/ Hatband 
Chocolate Deer LeatherLoop Stampede/ Hatband Black eyelets included Loop Stampede/ Hatband
Stampede String w/ horse hair
Loop Stampede String

Stampede string/Hatband Combination #102
Loops thu eyelets in your hat (eyelets included)
To Keep Your Hat OnWe have 2 types of braided stampede strings that easily attach to any hat. A loop style that goes around the hat twice to form a hatband/stampede string and a set that attaches easily with a split pin inside the sweatband of your hat.
Please allow about 2 weeks for Stampede string orders.    Check ready to ship  Instock

Deer leather colors
Turk's Head Knot or  "basketweave knot"Gaucho KnotHerringbone Knot or "Pineapple"Herringbone interweave
ot Pineapple with 2 colorsCustom Color Combos
Stampede String #101 
  Deer leather chin strap w/  super easy cotter pin attachment
Russet Stampede String w/ horse hairCream Deer LeatherChocolate deer leatherCream deer leather w/ horse hair Tan deer leather w/ buckskin interweave in pineapple knot
Questions? Call 575-773-4695
Stampede String #102   
     Deer leather Loop Hatband and Stampede String Combination  
Deer leather stampede strings with cotter pin attaches to any hat with a sweatband. Choices for colors, knots and leather or horse hair tassels. Normally 17" to 18" braid length + tassels. Custom lengths available
Stampede Strings $44.00 - $51.00 with leather tassels  (depending on knot selection)
Horse Hair Tassels $15.00
Keep Your Hat On!
Eyelet tool: hole punch, hard wood base, anvil,  eyelet setter,  black eyeletsPunching hole in hat at pre-determined mark. Usually right in front of your ears. Mark from undenneth and use a small needle or nail mark to the outside. Check to make sure this is correct and measurement are about equal.Using the punch with the hard wood base underneathPlace  the eyelet into the holes with the flange to the underside.Place the anvil base on the side of a sturdy table with the hat upside down and the flange side facing you.Position with the hat upside down on the edge of a table. With the eyelet and flange in place, strike with hammer to set the eyelet.
Hatband and stampede string Combination in one witha sliding knot. The hatband is smaller diameter to fit thru the eyelets - the stampede strings are more stout for strength.Loop Stampede/ Hatband Hatband loops through the hole over the crown Loops over from the other side  Loop Stampede/ Hatband
Loop Stampede/ Hatband
It is best to have eyelets in the holes of your hat and for that we offer an eyelet setter (on loan) and black eyelets  Instructions and eyelets included.   Good for hard working hats!
Stampede String w/ horse hair
Hatband/ or Stampede String Custom Orders: 
Braided custom hatband or stampede string sets or special diameters. Leathers vary a little but our normal round braid is about 1/4" for stampede strings and about 1/8" hatband's. If you want specific diameters or combination colors in the braid. $55 Please allow  about 2 weeks for braiding
Please use this order form  Order Form   Or Just Call!  575-773-4695

Easy attachment turn hat upside down and insert the pin in-between the stitching of the sweatband and the hat.  Spread the pin open so it is hidden underneath the sweatband.
Knot Choice
StampedeString#102 $88.00
Horse Hair Tassels
Braided deer leather loops that go thru eyelets on each side of the crown and loops over the top of the hat forming a hatband/ stampede string combination in one. We hand cut the thongs to be about 1/8" diameter braid for the hatband and 1/4" for the stampede strings (adjustable) $88.00 with leather tassels
Deer leather makes a supple and strong braid that feels good and wears well..
Sweatband attachment
Wrap around Hatband and Chin Strap Combination
Horse Hair Tassels
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