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​We specialize in custom braided leather 
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Made in the USA

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  • If you have a custom project or made to order item,  depending on the project we are working about 4 weeks out.   

  • We don't watch the clock with custom work and there-fore can lead into many hours or days. We charge by the job and not by the time put into it.  For this reason we limit the custom jobs that we take on.

  • It is usually a back and forth exchange of pictures and ideas to get to the braided item that you have in mind.  We try to work with you on different knots, braids, colors and kinds of leather. 

  • Mostly deer or elk is our leather of choice. for braiding.  We also work with Kangaroo and calf rawhide some.  All are hand-cut by us so the thong width and braid diameters can also be customized. 

  • The Deer and Elk Leathers are USA hides tanned and sold in the USA,  Kangaroo imported from Australia.  

  • If you have a custom idea for braiding please give us a call or e-mail.   Depending on what it is we will give an estimated time frame and price. 

  • Price varies on what is involved.  $50.00 minimum., please.  We will quote a price before beginning...We do not like to accept payment until your braiding is ready to begin.
For Her

Our favorite and best products have come from customer ideas. 
And we have made some new friends along the way!  Thank-you!!  :)

  1. Managing Director
  2. Braided leather tassels with horse hair
  3. Custom Leather Key Fobs
  4. Custom Braided Leather Bracelets
  5. Custom Stampede Strings and Chin Straps
  6. Custom Braided Leather Lanyards
  7. Any braided leather design
  8. Braided Campaign Hat Band
  9. Braiding with rawhide
  10. Herringbone ridge leather braid
  11. Leather Slide Knot
  12. Braided Custom Hat Bands
  13. Leather and rawhide braid work
  14. Crocodile Ridge Braid
  15. Triple leather braided wrap bracelets
  16. Tooth and Fang Necklace Braiding
  17. Deer leather and knot work with rawhide
  18. Turquoise and leather braids
  19. Custom herringbone interweave, pineapple knot
  20. Custom braided leather lanyards
  21. Custom Knife Lanyards
  22. Eye-glass Leather Lanyards
  23. Custom Braided Stampede Strings
  24. Custom Leather Hatbands
  25. Braided Hatbands
  26. Custom braided leather lanyards